Term Life insurance is structured to be a temporary life insurance.

Coverage is guaranteed at a fixed premium for a set period of time. If the life insured dies during the term, a lump-sum tax-free death benefit will be paid to your named beneficiary. Term life insurance is primarily used as low-cost way of providing maximum coverage replacing lost income to loved ones and paying off debt, such as a mortgage. Protection is provided for a limited number of years and expires without value if the insured lives beyond the policy period.

  • Flexible terms ranging from 10 to 40 years, including pick-a-term policies designed to complement specific, financial risk timelines such as a mortgage amortization term.
  • Guaranteed to automatically renew at the end of the term; continuing at a higher premium, with no additional underwriting.
  • Convertible to a permanent life insurance policy at a certain attained age, with no additional underwriting.